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This morning, I enjoyed a long drive to work, which never seemed notable…until today…

Last night, on my way home from work, I was feeling excited about the extra sleep I would be getting before my next shift. Even though it wasn’t a huge difference, I still appreciated it as though it was. Giving off that energy, that’s exactly what I attracted. I remember in the car, as I drove home, I was thinking to myself and deciding that I would enjoy my current work more. Even though it is not my purpose. So I have found it to be very draining and unsatisfying, I decided that I have had enough of that. So, I decided that I would prime myself into having a good day while I made the long drive. I decided that I would use that time to deliberately choose thoughts that would get positive momentum going for the day. That I would suffer no more.

The woman that I was relieving volunteered herself to stay one hour later in the morning. I took full advantage of that and appreciated the extra sleep. I did not let any thoughts about missing an hour of pay enter my mind. I did not miss the money at all. I fully appreciated her offer and let my gratitude take over. I remember feeling gratitude as I set my alarm clock one hour later. And when it went off at 5am, I didn’t want to get up. But I acknowledged the good sleep I had, had and I was still grateful for the extra hour of sleep. 

I had some extra time when I was finished getting ready. So I decided to give into my current joyful thought and head to Starbucks. Follow your joy in every moment, no matter how small. As I sipped my warm Chai tea latte and savored my very favorite cookies in the world, Starbuck chocolate chip, that’s exactly what I did. No regret here. Only bliss.

I always listen to uplifting YouTube videos on my way to work. Mostly regarding different teachers of the law of attraction. It makes me happy to learn. I crave it. Sometimes I have trouble finding videos that are new and exciting, but this morning, it was new and exciting all the way :).

I definitely got the momentum going in a positive direction, and I acknowledged that. Then I found myself noticing the scenery. I’ve made this drive so many times before, but today, I was seeing things that I had never seen before. I was totally wowed by the beauty. It seemed everywhere I looked, there was serene and peaceful beauty. Majestic horses standing close to the road so that I could get a good view. Painted against a vast, lush, green backdrop. It was a new experience altogether, and I was enjoying this so much. I was in awe. The cows were beautiful and I saw the babies walking in their splendor. Empty fields of green just so big and inviting drew my eye. Old endearing houses entertaining my interest. Yet another manifestation of the positive momentum I had generated.

Abraham Hicks uses a term called the “Vortex”. The Vortex is where everything you want is. When you’re in the vortex, it’s like looking through rose colored glasses. Everything is beautiful. Your world changes right before you. You no longer notice the bad, or unwanted. Everything is lavish and abundant and delicious and fantastic and delightful. It must be, because the vibration of the vortex could not coincide with any vibration that is outside of the vortex. That’s the point. You access the vortex by feeling good. Because, by law of attraction, when you feel good, you attract more to feel good about. When you feel bad, you attract more to feel bad about. Today, I was definitely in the vortex. I was high flying and the universe was yielding manifestation after manifestation to confirm it. That’s how it works. This is why bad becomes worse and good only gets better. Your momentum can spiral you up, or down, depending on the direction of your chosen thoughts. 

My day in the vortex began with pre-paving my experience, or priming myself. Another Abraham Hicks term, “pre-paving” is when you pre-pave your future by imagining it going exactly the way you want it to. By imagining, you are sending energy forth into creating the very thing you imagine. You plan your moves and you anticipate what is wanted. This is a highly effective tool. As you can see, it works for me quite easily. Be easy about it. Don’t let doubt creep in. What for? Worry and doubt do not serve you and therefore have no business taking up space in your thoughts. Don’t let worry and doubt creep in and muddy your experience by attracting more similar energy.

3 keys to enjoying life more that you can apply right now:

1) Enjoy pre-paving and use it to your advantage. Create expectations only of what you desire.

2) Find every excuse to feel gratitude. Milk it, milk it, milk it. Bask in gratitude and you will attract more to love.

3) Follow your joy in every moment and line up with it so that you can enjoy it fully. No regrets here.


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