What Source Feels Like

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I had an inconceivably profound experience two nights ago. It was such an abysmal experience. The clarity stayed with me and I almost did not even write about it, because I felt it was senseless trying to explain something so inconceivable.  Something so out of this world that one would truly have to feel it for themselves in order to comprehend, but my guidance led me to share…

I was dreaming. This “dream”, I did not even recall upon awakening. It was the synchronistic placement of a person I met the next day, who relayed to me the perfect word, which reminded me of the incredibly vivid phenomenon that penetrated my world the night before. In my dreams, I am often flying. This dream began in just that way. I was traveling far and fast. I was flying on and on. I was not in a physical form. I finally came to a place. I was high up, looking over and above all that was before me. It was ultimate, absolute beauty. I could see Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 6.11.12 PMeverything there was to see there. It was a place far from Earth. Not of this world at all. It appeared like I was high above a blanket of clouds that were the color of sunset. I was simply floating there, with my arms out to my sides, open. I was looking forward and down, slightly, because I was above everything. I had the best possible view. Out ahead, in the center of my view was something that looked like a black cat eye, and to the sides of it and all around it were the

“clouds” which were the color of sunset. But, it was not clouds. It was not sunset, either. It was light. Concentrated light permeating through in different qualities to resemble the yellows and oranges in sunset. It was like a billion sparkling stars in the midst of incredible light, instead of the darkness we witness them in. It was more than outstanding. It was infinite and brilliant! More than amazing. Beyond comprehendible. As I was there, just looking. I felt absolutely powerful. However, the very word “powerful”, when we think of it, often expresses the feeling of being powerful over something. This was not that. This was a humble powerful. A type of powerful that just was. A type of powerful that had nothing to do with opposition. A feeling completely absent of opposition. Completely absent of ego. It just was. I was at one with my divinity. I felt absolute. I felt ultimate love. Only love. I was all love. I was goodness. I simply felt “I AM”. But to even say that does not capture it because “I” implies separation, and I felt none of that. I was not even “I”. I was “BE”. To be, without the separation of “I”.  Powerful in its highest of purity. The highest possible feeling. The most unified and positively unlimited divine feeling there is. I think the best way to describe it, is that I embodied the perspective of Source. In that incredibly vivid moment I felt what Source feels. That feeling does not exist here on Earth. It was divine without a doubt.Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 5.07.08 PMI remember this feeling completely. Like it was real. And then, something even more amazing happened. I realized that I was not dreaming. I said “I am not dreaming! This is real!” It was real. It was intensely real. I became fully conscious in that moment of “knowing”. As I came to that realization, I then began to travel back “down”. I do not think that I woke up then. I had an intention, but what I did after that is not available to my memory. I have never had an astral experience like that. I could tell you all about how to project astrally. I could tell you ten different ways to achieve it, but I have never consciously exited my body. I think that for me, at this time I am not being “allowed” unlimited conscious navigation through the astral because there are a few things that I need to discover in my progression, without using the astral as a tool to find them prematurely. I have had many lucid dream experiences, which is what this would be classified as. However, this, by far, was the most palpable astral experience I have ever had.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 6.07.42 PMThe memory of this beautiful, astral marvel has stayed with me in a very intense way. I can still remember the brilliance of what I saw and what I felt. It has allowed me to perceive more completely, the reality of my nature as a spiritual being. As I go about my day in this physical world of separation, in this body which represents limitation. It makes me feel so small. So insignificant. Then I think back on my luminous astral experience and I remember that physicality is a world of illusion. Planet Earth is simply a virtual reality. A video game that we play, for a purpose which is intricately woven and orchestrated before we ever incarnate. We come with intention. We set “appointments” and “meetings”. Once we are here, our guides and angels assist us in gathering up the information, tools and connections that we need at the appropriate times.  They are doing all that they can to make sure that we line up with our purpose for being here. The only thing that is really real about this three dimensional experience is the experience itself, which we create with our thoughts.  Everything else is an illusion and we all have far more power than what we feel on a day to day basis. The small bodies we inhabit are illusory. The separateness is illusory. The disempowerment is illusory. We are all divine. We are infinite, eternal, connected, one with the universe and we have access to everything and anything that we could imagine or desire. This was the reason that I was able to recall this astral experience.  To remind me of that which I am and that which I am here for.Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 6.09.34 PM

Do you know that you were created on purpose and with purpose? Can you even fathom how much intention was put into your existence? Can you even fathom the deliberateness that went into the creation of you? You are an extension of perfection, an extension of source, funneled through a physical perspective. What you do not fully accept is just how on purpose all of this is. Just how perfect you are. Not only that your existence is desired, but it is absolutely necessary in every sense. That creation is incomplete without you. That you represent the completion of all that is, otherwise, you would not be here. There is no accidental existence. The universe does not support that which is not needed. Creation does not make mistakes. For you to not see your immeasurable value as a part of creation is quite insulting. You are insinuating that the universe is capable of imperfection. Capable of mistakes. There is no such thing. Live with it. Accept it. You are unconditionally supported by the universe in all that you do. You are so loved that the universes supports you in any desire or thought you choose to have, even if the thought rebukes the perfection that is you. The universe supports you because you are perfect, you belong here, you are a creator and nothing that you can ever do could change that. So, embrace the perfection that is you. Embrace self compassion. Embrace self acceptance. Embrace your shadows. In doing so, you will allow your light to shine.


Seeing Through the Eyes of Source<3


This morning, I enjoyed a long drive to work, which never seemed notable…until today…

Last night, on my way home from work, I was feeling excited about the extra sleep I would be getting before my next shift. Even though it wasn’t a huge difference, I still appreciated it as though it was. Giving off that energy, that’s exactly what I attracted. I remember in the car, as I drove home, I was thinking to myself and deciding that I would enjoy my current work more. Even though it is not my purpose. So I have found it to be very draining and unsatisfying, I decided that I have had enough of that. So, I decided that I would prime myself into having a good day while I made the long drive. I decided that I would use that time to deliberately choose thoughts that would get positive momentum going for the day. That I would suffer no more.

The woman that I was relieving volunteered herself to stay one hour later in the morning. I took full advantage of that and appreciated the extra sleep. I did not let any thoughts about missing an hour of pay enter my mind. I did not miss the money at all. I fully appreciated her offer and let my gratitude take over. I remember feeling gratitude as I set my alarm clock one hour later. And when it went off at 5am, I didn’t want to get up. But I acknowledged the good sleep I had, had and I was still grateful for the extra hour of sleep. 

I had some extra time when I was finished getting ready. So I decided to give into my current joyful thought and head to Starbucks. Follow your joy in every moment, no matter how small. As I sipped my warm Chai tea latte and savored my very favorite cookies in the world, Starbuck chocolate chip, that’s exactly what I did. No regret here. Only bliss.

I always listen to uplifting YouTube videos on my way to work. Mostly regarding different teachers of the law of attraction. It makes me happy to learn. I crave it. Sometimes I have trouble finding videos that are new and exciting, but this morning, it was new and exciting all the way :).

I definitely got the momentum going in a positive direction, and I acknowledged that. Then I found myself noticing the scenery. I’ve made this drive so many times before, but today, I was seeing things that I had never seen before. I was totally wowed by the beauty. It seemed everywhere I looked, there was serene and peaceful beauty. Majestic horses standing close to the road so that I could get a good view. Painted against a vast, lush, green backdrop. It was a new experience altogether, and I was enjoying this so much. I was in awe. The cows were beautiful and I saw the babies walking in their splendor. Empty fields of green just so big and inviting drew my eye. Old endearing houses entertaining my interest. Yet another manifestation of the positive momentum I had generated.

Abraham Hicks uses a term called the “Vortex”. The Vortex is where everything you want is. When you’re in the vortex, it’s like looking through rose colored glasses. Everything is beautiful. Your world changes right before you. You no longer notice the bad, or unwanted. Everything is lavish and abundant and delicious and fantastic and delightful. It must be, because the vibration of the vortex could not coincide with any vibration that is outside of the vortex. That’s the point. You access the vortex by feeling good. Because, by law of attraction, when you feel good, you attract more to feel good about. When you feel bad, you attract more to feel bad about. Today, I was definitely in the vortex. I was high flying and the universe was yielding manifestation after manifestation to confirm it. That’s how it works. This is why bad becomes worse and good only gets better. Your momentum can spiral you up, or down, depending on the direction of your chosen thoughts. 

My day in the vortex began with pre-paving my experience, or priming myself. Another Abraham Hicks term, “pre-paving” is when you pre-pave your future by imagining it going exactly the way you want it to. By imagining, you are sending energy forth into creating the very thing you imagine. You plan your moves and you anticipate what is wanted. This is a highly effective tool. As you can see, it works for me quite easily. Be easy about it. Don’t let doubt creep in. What for? Worry and doubt do not serve you and therefore have no business taking up space in your thoughts. Don’t let worry and doubt creep in and muddy your experience by attracting more similar energy.

3 keys to enjoying life more that you can apply right now:

1) Enjoy pre-paving and use it to your advantage. Create expectations only of what you desire.

2) Find every excuse to feel gratitude. Milk it, milk it, milk it. Bask in gratitude and you will attract more to love.

3) Follow your joy in every moment and line up with it so that you can enjoy it fully. No regrets here.


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